Urban legends

To answer your question before

to answer your question before you ask it, no.

i am officially out of the academic loop. i had to do my first quiz for my psychology class this evening (it's a telecourse, meaning i see my professor approximately twice during the course of the semester--during exams. assignments are mailed to her...it's freaky), and it took me about two hours to do it. not that it was difficult...the same introductory psychology crap that is bandied about in every class. instead, i just took forever to do it. i feel weird.

brian wrote the following earlier today:

...yes, this inner battle will involve broadswords and those spiked-ball-on-a-chain-attached-to-a-stick things. those are called maces, right? they should definitely have a scarier or more menacing name than 'mace'. like deathball.

i, for one, am on board for that. not because i feel that "mace" is an inappropriate word, but because "deathball" sounds just that much cooler. think about that for a moment. "deathball" just flows off the tongue. and it sounds evil, too, which is of course the intention of a weapon's name.

you know you have enough mp3s when one starts playing and you can't remember what it is. i like the feeling.

i would like to officially apologize for the lack of quality thought in this post. i need to sleep.

and with a wanting look

on her pale face

she asked me for some change.

i said "change comes from within."

So i spent a lot

... of time this evening messing with a newly downloaded version of dreamweaver. not actually using it, mind you, just messing with it. i'll just leave it at that, but i meant to be in bed about an hour ago.

in reference (and reverence, as i originally typed) to random quotations of the state by liz and sarah--i cannot begin to say how many hours i have wasted doing that exact thing. further bits that i feel were criminally left out of their conversation:

"i really think you're wrong about the beards."

"hello, cheese? no! cheese can't dial a phone."

"...i do know this. that was the longest conversation i've ever had....good-bye, mailbox."

"i'm doug. i have greasy hair and no muscles. you're principal wheeler. you have a moustache and smell like coffee--two great tastes that taste weird together."

"krispypops! they're pretty good!"

i love the fact that if you take those out of context, they make very little sense and probably are not funny at all. such is the plight of a superfan--and while i'm not going to say that i know more about the state than, say, liz and sarah, i could certainly hold my own. is that a challenge? nope.

oh crap, i hope that something interesting happens to me tomorrow. i'm losing my ability to go on at length about nothing interesting.

it's not

what you thought

when you first began it

you got

what you want

now you can hardly stand it though,

by now you know

it's not going to stop.

I have very little to say this evening

i was intrigued by talk of a pedro the lion / damien jurado / tw walsh tour coming up. unfortunately, it seems that david and tim (with damien along for the ride this time) have decided yet again to skip st. louis. i hope they reconsider before the tour dates are officially announced, because i'm not in the mood to drive up to chicago--again--to see pedro the lion play.

weird thing...from what little information i could glean on the subject, pedro the lion will be a solo thing this time around, while damien (i'm assuming) will be touring with a band, due to the sheer volume on his newest album. that's a strange turn of events. but i have a feeling that this strangeness is only felt by me, so i'll move on now.

okay, i actually want an answer from people this time. i've been talking about getting a camera, but being me, i can't figure out which one to get. as such, if you could take a moment to comment below and answer the following questions for me:

should i go with a digital or an slr? (bear in mind that most of these pictures will be for web consumption)

within whatever category you chose, do you have any suggestions as to what to get? (bear in mind here that: 1. i'm poor, and 2. i want much flexibility in shutter speeds, et al, especially in digital)

do you own a camera? if so, what do you own, and what do you think of it/them?

i ordinarily wouldn't do this, but i'm really swimming through seas of information so large that i have lost sight of what i'm really looking for. so please help. anyone who helps will get one of those huge soft cookies they sell at the gas station down the street from me.

and of course, if you live long distances from me, i'll just have to owe you, because i think the cookie would no longer be as soft and yummy after being sent through the mail. maybe i'll just send you a picture of a large, soft, yummy cookie, courtesy of whatever camera i decide to get.

and since we live in present tense

the only hope of making sense

all depends on the source of light.

Cripes, it's late. i keep

cripes, it's late. i keep getting sidetracked, with another website i've been meaning to go to, or another e-mail that's long overdue, or another stupid little quirk in windows xp that's been annoying me for the last four months that i really want to fix. add all those things up, and the sun's probably getting ready to come up. so i'll make this relatively quick.

so america was downed in hockey on sunday. three reasons why i'm not upset about it:

it was a really good game until the end.

canada broke that no-gold-medal-in-hockey streak that

had been going for entirely too long for a country that invented the freakin' sport.

at least it wasn't sweden.

forgot to mention yesterday that i watched magnolia again. i still like it quite a bit, despite my lack of reasoning as to why i like it. this evening i also saw the messenger for the first time. i love the way that a lot of it was shot...other than that, and some fine performances, it's just okay.

in writing my e-mail a little earlier, i was reminded of a story that for some reason i feel like sharing here. back when i was, oh, probably three or four, i went with my mom to the grocery store. after doing the usual grocery store thing, we got up to the checkout aisles. my very young eye latched onto these pac-man trading cards that had just come out. being me--and especially a young me--i pestered my mom, asking over and over if she would buy the pac-man trading cards for me. she steadfastly refused, for reasons that are now lost to the ages. so, while she was putting the groceries on the conveyor belt, i snuck a pack into my pocket...and thus my first foray into shoplifting began.

i soon learned a very important thing about shoplifting: do not, ever, show what you just shoplifted to your mother.

i, being young and stupid, did just that. my mom, being my mom, freaked out, going absolutely nuts that her third child was thus destined for a life of crime. she marched me back into the store (by my left arm, a detail that still sticks with me for some strange reason) and asked for a manager. i then had to apologize to the manager and ask him not to have me arrested (yes, i did have to say that--my mom thought it vital, which i suppose it was, but at the time just caused me to bawl at the thought of being led away in handcuffs, never to see my family again).

needless to say, i wasn't arrested. the manager seemed really, well, amused by the entire spectacle, putting on a fake authoritative air when he wagged my finger at me and told me where bad boys would go--although i honestly am not sure if he said "to jail" or "to hell." either one would freak the hell out of a three or four year-old boy. and it did.

I have now officially forgotten

To post a friday five for two weeks in a row. whoops.

[note: the following link came from blogger's main page. i have not, do not, and will not seek writing advice from the web.] that being said, i would like to send a public message to dennis mahoney, writer of this article that shows you "how to write a better weblog." the message is this: fuck you. was that succinct enough for you, mr. mahoney?

[i then launched into a very long rant about arbitrary "rules" on a personal--even "personal-but-it's-cool-if-others-read-it"--weblog, but then concluded that i'm just bitter that this guy gets to share his weblog pet peeves with the world, courtesy of a well-placed link on blogger's main page; i merely have different pet peeves. as a result, i got rid of the rant. i apologize for the long, anticlimactic quasi-rant.]

cd count is fifteen. on the heels of the very well-received tribute album to this album, i purchased bruce springsteen's nebraska. a fine, fine album, but me and a co-worker ended up spending more time listening to billy joel's greatest hits vols. 1 and 2 instead. but yeah...fifteen.

i decided not to go to kwur's big rock show this evening (in case you forgot, it was sick of it all/suicide machines/distillers/shai hulud/form follows failure), mostly because i concluded that the only band i would want to see would be shai hulud, who--considering how many bands would be playing--would probably play for about a half hour. free show, yes...but didn't really intrigue me.

i got a bit sidetracked for a while, completely forgetting that i was posting something. and now i'm tired. but at least i have a day off tomorrow--i was up to my elbows in developer and bleach-fix today, so i need a break.

so here you are

with your faith

and your peter pan advice.

Have you ever gone to

have you ever gone to someone's website via your own link to, y'know, just see what's up in their neck of the ether, only to find the site in the middle--yes, right smack dab in the middle--of a redesign? do you feel as dirty, as "i-accidentally-went-into-the-ladies'-room (or men's room, depending on your own situation)"-like as i do? just checking.

so typing is relatively painful whenever i want to type an l, o, period (if i actually inserted a period there, you would think i had ended the sentence--i did that all for you), or 9. why, you ask? well, the short, not-so-cringe-inducing version is that i got a half-inch splinter stuck under my right ring fingernail at work today. i fought a long, hard battle with that damned sliver of wood, but i finally extracted it. but now my nail looks really grotesque. so if you see me in the next few days, don't look at my right ring fingernail. consider yourself warned.

two interesting things about the above paragraph: first, every time i attempted to extract the wooden intruder, i kept feeling as though i was in an old western where they were performing surgery, and so i kept reaching around for my shot of whiskey. and second...actually, the second point wasn't all that interesting. forget it.

statement of obvious fact: there was no shot of whiskey for me. okay, since i've now disgusted the majority of the readership, let's move on.

music random notes for today:

watched the nightly music performance at the olympics earlier. my only reaction (and subsequent question) was this--alanis morrissette can't play the harmonica to save her life. so, why does she? discuss.

tim put up an mp3 of the de la soul/teenage fanclub collaboration from the judgement night soundtrack, thus transporting me back to 1993--when i was firmly entrenched in my "teenage-fanclub-is-god's-personal-band" phase. a bit sqwacky [sic] of a recording, but still enough to make me feel like i was a teenager again.

i have this tendency whenever driving in an unknown area to say to all passengers, "have you ever seen judgement night?" none of my passengers have ever seen it, but i say it anyway.

very soon i will break down and order a copy of hayden's newest album, which (as far as i know) is still not available in america. i'm starting to develop a tic whenever i think about a hayden album in existence that i have not heard.

or i suppose i could wait until 12 march, when the album is released in america (on mark kozelek's label!). can i hold out? stay tuned.

whenever i don't look at the website, i decide that i am not in fact going to michigan fest. because it will cost a lot of money, there are actually only a handful of bands that i really want to see that i haven't seen before, etc., etc. i then decide that i'm going to spend the pittance that i have already saved for the trip on a real camera (looking like a nikon n65, maybe, or a pentax zx-7). but then i go to michigan fest's website again, and i get all delirious again. it's a never-ending cycle that will not stop until i've either gone--or missed a bunch of bands. time will tell.

normally i end a post with one more thing to say. i have no such thing to say, but the post looks better if something is here. so good night, or good day.

and i've been making promises i know i'll never keep

one of these days i'm going to leave you in your sleep