Urban legends

First and foremost

I am sleeker and more aerodynamic now, as i cut my hair this evening. there's nothing else to say there--i cut my hair, now let's move on. at work today a co-worker developed some pictures that i found strange. a group of people dressed as clowns were protesting outside of a restaurant (i was told that it's in chicago, but i have no way of knowing for sure) called cleo's. they were protesting because the restaurant had banned clowns from the premises. i'll just let that sink in for a bit. the restaurant banned clowns from the premises. that's weird. so brian discussed the relative pros and cons of cover songs earlier today. i really needed to quote him on one point, during a discussion of a weezer tribute album: i don't know how badly i need to hear dashboard confessional sing anything, let alone an old weezer favorite. i'm still chuckling about that. oh, and brian? i honestly don't like the impossibles cover of "the good life" all that much. you may unabashedly love the impossibles, but i unabashedly love weezer's own version of the song. sorry. reading about cover songs, along with hearing an infomercial for a greatest hits of the 80s album, reminded me of something. i truly believe that someone could make a really killer version of corey hart's "never surrender." think about it. cd count for the year: fourteen. i bought pell mell's star city for three dollars. yep...three dollars. i'm a smart shopper when i want to be. i had so many other things to say, but i spent so long trying to get onto blogger (i think it was down for about a half hour, but i'm not sure anymore), i have forgotten most of them. eh. smoke that cigarette and down another drink on me well, you've got better things to be done than to be seen with me.